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KEY TAPE- Your Reliable Adhesive Solution Provider for 5G and OLED
Date: 2019/04/04    Have already visited: 936

5G, OLED and artificial intelligence, are hot topics at recent Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will provide new and broad applications for electronic touch and display. According to CINNO Research, global AMOLED panel shipment will reach to 700 million sheets in 2019, occupying 36.5% of total panels. VR and wearable electronics will break out in following years.


Consumers have higher and higher requirements on electronics such as EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), heat dissipation and water resistance, which need professional specialists to make it come true, that’s what we do.


Changzhou Haotian New Material Technology Co., LTD, with brand name KEY TAPE, is a subsidiary of Tiansheng New Material (stock code: 300169), focuses on manufacturing optical functional films, damper laminating adhesives, battery stretch release tapes, ASF and silicon wafer applied tapes. In 2017 and 2018, KEY TAPE showcased widely applied adhesive solutions in Japan.


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